Owwww my ankles…

Gee, could spinning 5oz of laceweight singles in a 24 hour period on my wheel have anything to do with why my ankles and lower legs hurt?  Seriously, like 450 yards or something.  I got a little carried away.  (You think?)  I was determined to finish the awful Malabrigo Nube that had been sitting untouched on my wheel for three weeks.  Did that, and then wanted to start something nicer.  And I kinda of fell in love with my wheel all over again now that it didn’t have awful fiber on it, and… I maybe overdid it a little.  It was wicked fun, though.  The non-awful fiber was this:

Falkland Wool from AliCatFiberarts.etsy.com

And oh was it lovely to spin.  It was soft but not super-soft, and after the Malabrigo Nube (which is pure merino) it felt nice to spin something with a little bite to it.  Also, loooooooooooooooooong staples were lovely after the little short merino fibers.  And, happily, I have another AliCat braid in pinks and purples I can spin up — after my ankles recover!

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