Happy kittens and happy feet!

Kittens:  Eris is back to being his normal self.  He and Loki climbed all over me when I sat on the floor about an hour ago, and then Eris very vocally insisted on dinner.  Like I could deny a hungry invalid…  Ten minutes after I put the food out, the Valkyrie and I medicated him.  He took two doses of liquid meds, given with syringes.  He took them like a champ: annoyed but not really struggling.  He didn’t hide afterwards, and in fact wanted more petting before running off to play with his brother.

Feet: I wore the bigger pair of Docs around the house last night.  They were comfortable enough that I wore them to lunch today.  (I would only be walking from house to car, car to restaurant, back to car, back to house.)  They were still comfortable enough after lunch that I braved Target to buy new socks.  Had to walk allllll the way around a Super Target to get a couple of things besides socks, and they were very comfy.  I wore them a total of four hours, and only had to take them off because my socks were too thin around the tops of the boots and it was starting to get mildly uncomfortable.  I am very surprised and totally happy about this, especially given the responses to a post I made on my favorite forum about breaking in Docs.  I got some serious horror stories and figured I’d be shipping them back on Monday.  But no, I kept forgetting that I had them on, which is an excellent sign for footwear.

While I was in Target I got flagged down by an elderly woman.  “Sir? Sir!”  I stopped and turned around.  “Do you work here?”


“Are you on break?”

“No, I don’t work here.”

“You don’t?”


She sighed heavily. “Okay…”

I was assumed male twice today, actually, and once on the phone.  Since I think my voice is too girly I was pleased to be called Mr. LastName.  It was cool.

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