Eris at the emergency vet

Let me start off by saying that Eris is home and will be okay.  Doing better already!  It’s a bacterial infection.  He’s on antibiotics and something to help keep his fever down.

He had started getting sick Wednesday, but I thought it was a reaction to the new kitten kibble I’d given him.  He seemed to be doing better… and then yesterday ate nothing at all and laid listlessly on the bed.  No playing, no nothing.  When I got up at 8am he was still the same, so I took him to the emergency vet.

If I hadn’t taken him when I did he probably would have died.  His fever was 104.7, which is very high.  They put him in a cold cage with a fan on him for a bit while they ran the tests: parasites and FeLeuk.  He was negative for both, thank fuck.  During the hour he was in the cage I was picturing the worst and it was awful.  Parasites could have been dealt with.  It was the other I was the most worried about.  He cried the whole time he was in the cage, for about an hour.  Broke my heart, listening to him and unable to help.  His fever went up to 105.1.  they gave him some subq fluids, put alcohol on his belly and paws, and brought him back to me, because his stress level was so high it was making the fever worse.  He calmed down a lot when he was with me, which is what they’d hoped for.  Between the lowered stress level and the fluids, his fever dropped to 103.2 in about 15 minutes.  During that time he climbed all over me and demanded petting.  I couldn’t hug him like I wanted because it would have made him warmer, but he sat on my lap and my shoulder and my lap and next to me and my lap and… you get the idea.  So they let me bring him home.  He was obviously feeling better on the drive; he was biting and clawing the carrier because he was so pissed at being caged again.  Got him home, he immediately calmed down, and right off the bat went to the litter box then demanded food.  So glad he’s feeling better already.

I’m going to lunch with Mom, then when I come back I get to medicate Eris.  This will be entertaining…

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