Kittens and boots and weaving

Kittens: I am happy to report that Eris is doing better!  Turns out the dry kitten kibble I bought made his little tummy hurt.  He’s all back to normal and bouncing everywhere in a most kittenish way.  Loki never stopped bouncing.  He also insists that if the Valkyrie or I walk into the bedroom, he must be held and petted for at least a full minute or else he will look really sad and grab our ankles and mew pitifully.  It’s adorable.

Boots: I had ordered Docs in my size.  They were too small.  Ordered a pair in the next size up.  A little too big.  I have discovered that the bigger pair feel fine when worn with thicker socks, so I’m trying that for a bit.  Just wearing them around the house for now.

Weaving: am 6″ into the shawl and I’m digging the way it’s coming out.  I’d take a picture but my iPhone is currently upgrading and thus unavailable.

Other stuff: didn’t get to sleep until 6am, so didn’t wake up until 3pm.  Sigh.  And of course I got depressed because I was 5 hours late on my morning meds…


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