Too damn busy!

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had much online time.  Yesterday I had to go to the Orlando airport to drop M off.  They missed their flight (not my fault) so we hung out in the airport food court for a while until the standby flight was coming up.  (That one was full, so they actually wound up on a later flight, but everything was okay in the end.)  Ran errands after, and ran out of spoons.  went to bed at like 7pm and woke up an hour ago covered in kittens.  Best way to wake up ever!

Speaking of kittens, Eris wasn’t feeling good yesterday afternoon.  Small amount of diarrhea, and not wanting to be touched, just laying snuggled in the bed and looking sad.  He’s so much better today, though.  Maybe he ate something he shouldn’t have.  Even though he’s back to his normal self, we’re still taking him to the vet appointment we made yesterday when he felt bad.  Better safe than sorry.  We’re going to take Loki too, just for companionship because Eris will freak out even more if his bro’s not there to make him feel safe.  Is that weird, to take an extra cat to keep the sick one company?

Also today I get mah hairs cut.  Pics this afternoon if I like the way it looks.  I will probably like it lots, as my stylist is a genius.  and my Doc Martens will arrive.  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

My Trindle disco balls came in yesterday!

Sparkly!  And heavy enough that I can use my Trindle for plying.  I heart this spindle SO MUCH.

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