Is it wrong to want tech for handmade things?

I love hand weaving.  It’s fun and awesome… except for one little part of making the warp.  I want a machine that automatically puts the warp yarn through the heddles on my loom.

For those that don’t speak weaving, what I mean is this.  Here is one of the official pictures of my brand of loom, Ashford.

See the white plastic rectangle sticking up in the middle?  That’s the heddle.  See the yarns going into it? Each one of those has to be placed by hand.  I want the yarns to magically go in the holes and slots without me having to thread 180 lengths of yarn through them tonight.

Yes, I’m warping the loom this evening.  So far I’ve wound 900 yards of sock yarn into balls by hand because my swift/skeinwinder isn’t functioning as a swift very well. I just finished measuring out the black part of the warp (90 pieces at 110″ each).  Next up: an equal number of red pieces, and then putting all 180 through those damn little holes.  Tomorrow I will get to do the fun part, though: the part where I make cloth!

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