First off: got my hair cut.

I really like it.  I think the back needs to be just slightly longer, a 4 on the clipper instead of a 3, and I wasn’t thrilled with the blow drying that made the top really straight.  In reality if’s naturally wavy and I like it better a bit messy-looking.  I’m also contemplating something like this but shorter:

Morrissey had awesome hair in the 1980s, and while I will never be that sexy, I think that would look good on me.

The Doc Martens came in and are the wrong size. Yay for free shipping and free returns.  The button-down shirts came in and are excellent.  A few ties showed up, and those are also excellent.  Tomorrow I will be perusing YouTube because I’ve forgotten how to tie a tie.  And then… pictures!

It was a little weird, talking to my hair stylist this afternoon.  “I want short, queer, and punk,” I said.  She messed up the last part when she blow-dried it straight, but I can fix that.  I don’t know why it was weird.  It’s not like I was just coming out to her today; she knows I’m genderqueer.  Maybe it was specifically saying “queer” in the style description.  As in, “I don’t want to look like a cisgender heterosexual.”

Anyway.  Tomorrow: pictures of my attempts at hairstyling, and some new clothes.  Fun!

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