Personal style

For the last couple of years I’ve been living in either casual button-up shirts and chinos or T-shirts and cargo shorts.  I’m getting kind of bored with it.  I stopped wearing jeans because they weren’t comfy, but today I remembered that some cuts of girl jeans were easier to wear.  So I’ve ordered a pair of girl jeans to try out.  Not thrilled, but I want to wear jeans again and comfort trumps the gender of the my clothing.

I also found a pair of Doc Martens 1460’s for sale and fuck yeah.  Sadly, they are also sized for women, because most guy-sized boots are too wide for my feet.  Sneakers and sandals are fine, but boots not so much.

The good thing about these is that neither the boots nor the jeans look girly, they’re just sized for people with female-sexed bodies.

I hope everything looks good and fits well, because I’m gonna wear the hell out of button-up shirts and ties in the near future.  Speaking of which, where did I put my Cat in the Hat tie..?

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