Pardon my vanishing act…

Awesome Niece, age 11, came to visit for a few days, so I was mostly offline.  She came down for the Lindsey Stirling concert at the Hard Rock, Orlando Universal Citywalk.  Which was awesome, but I’ll get to that.

I met my sister on Wednesday the 2nd to pick up Awesome Niece, and Sis came down with Awesome Nephew on the 4th to hang out at my house all afternoon.  So it was a short visit, but we had a lot of fun.  BFF has a friend’s 16 year old kid, M, staying with her, and the five of us (including the Valkyrie) hung out a whole lot while Awesome Niece was here.  And then Thursday night was the Stirling show.

We got to Universal at 7:00.  The line to get in was long, and it’s rainy season here in Florida so we got soaked.  We didn’t much care, though!  Our seats were in the penultimate row of the balcony, but the venue was small enough that they were still excellent seats.

The opening act, AJR, were surprisingly good.  It’s three brothers who make music in their living room.  When they came onto the stage I didn’t expect to be impressed, because I had assumed they were roadies from the way they were dressed.  But as soon as they started playing… Damn they put on a good show.  The lyrics weren’t brilliant, but the energy was fantastic and they sounded great.

Half an hour later Lindsey came out and played for 90 minutes.  Great, great show.  She danced while playing and it was impressive.  I never expected to see a crowd screaming for a violinist, but she earned it.  Lindsey did an acoustic set in the middle of two regular sets.  She talked to the audience like we were friends.  She was adorable and we all loved her.  The lighting and stage effects were cool, too.

The crowd was interesting.  It ranged from Awesome Niece’s age to senior citizens.  In fact, the crowd seemed to skew older.  It surprised me. I mean, yeah, it’s Florida, but I wouldn’t have expected that many older fans.

The one other entertaining thing worth mentioning has nothing to do with the show.  There were a lot of cute lesbians there, and Awesome Niece and I did a bit of admiring.  It was weird and hilarious to be checking out girls with an 11-year-old, but they were all in their twenties so I didn’t feel too terrible about it.  (Awesome Niece has excellent taste, for the record.)

Anyway.  As I said, Sis came down Friday, BFF and M made quiches and we all had a splendid time.  I had taught M to spin, and they did that a whole bunch.  After Sis and her kids left, the remaining four of us hung out and played Saints Row 4 because M hadn’t had the chance to play yet.  Everyone was tired and I wound up going to bed about ten, after our guests had left.

Yesterday I did nothing but sleep and play with my weaving loom.  It was nice.  I love having company, but I was exhausted.  The Valkyrie isn’t feeling well because I forgot to pick up her pain pills and progesterone on Thursday, and the pharmacy is closed on weekends.  I feel awful about it.  I didn’t pick up my antidepressants, either, so I’m feeling weird myself.  Stupid of me.

Oh, kitten update: they sleep on top of us all the time.  Tomorrow we’ll let them out of the bedroom so they can have the whole upstairs to run around in, but first I have to hide my yarn and fiber…

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