Babby update!

When Loki and Eris moved in, Eris was very shy and timid.  Hoo boy did he change once he acclimated.  He’s the one who instigates most of the kitten-wrestling these days.  Loki likes to play and initiates things too, but sometimes he’s like, “Go away, bro, I wanna snuggle the humans!”  Loki loves to be held and will beg to be picked up.  Sometimes I try to set him down and he grabs my hand like “noooooooooooo hold meeeeeeee” and it is adorable.

If there the Valkyrie and/or I am in the room and the babbies aren’t in play mode, they are laying on us.  Which is fucking awesome because being covered in kittens is the bestest thing in the whole world.  I go to sleep with them on me, I wake up with them on me.  Same for V, as we tend to be on different sleep schedules.

Babbies are hungry a lot, which makes sense because they’re growing.  They ask for food with these adorable little mews, usually started by Eris.  They jump to try and grab the food can as I’m bending down to their bowls, and they eat out of the same bowl until one of them realizes that hey, there’s another bowl two inches away, and they eat separately for the rest of the meal.

On the subject of food, the Valkyrie introduced them to whipped cream (just a tiny taste or two on her fingertips, not enough to upset their tummies).  Watching them trying to eat her fingers because they wanted more was hilarious.  She may have created monsters.

I need to take pictures of them today and post them…

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