Gender is confusing.

I’ve figured out pretty much who I am in terms of gender.  I’m non-binary, somewhere between male and female.  But other people seem to really have a hard time with that, even my transgender wife.  I tried on the “male” gender and it didn’t fit properly, but people seem to have stuck with it.  For the record, I want my pronouns to be they/them/their.  I want to be referred to as a person, not a guy or girl.  Yeah, it’s slightly awkward for people used to just he and she.  But isn’t validating my feelings worth a little awkwardness?

One thought on “Gender is confusing.

  1. captainglittertoes

    Um, if people think it’s too much trouble to acknowledge your existence, that’s a huge problem! And that’s what they’re doing when they are ignoring your requests to be referred to with they/them pronouns and as a person. If people think that’s too awkward, they gotta check themselves or take a hike. At least, that’s how I feel about it in my life.


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