What to weave next?

My Pride scarf is done.

I am not a great weaver, but I’m not too bad for a beginner.  This was only my third project.  (Well, okay, second project.  the first piece I did was really just a test piece to try out the loom.)  It’s not washed yet, and it should look nicer after it’s had a bath.  It’s wool, and it should fill out a little to get rid of the gaps.

I have plans for a set of tablecloths for my mother-in-law, made with commercial yarn.  but I’m really itching to try my handspun on a loom.  As the weft first, mind you; the warp has to be much stronger and smoother, and I’m not sure my handspun is ready for that yet.  Like this scarf I just made: it’s commercial yarn, but the warp is a strong tightly plied black yarn and the weft is a softly spun rainbow singles.  the rainbow yarn would have fallen apart if used for the warp.  It just wasn’t strong enough.  so I’m thinking about taking some more of that black yarn for warp and some colorful handspun for weft.  I haven’t the foggiest idea what I should make, though.  I’m open to suggestions.  Otherwise I’ll do another scarf…

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