Loki, escape artist extraordinaire

Loki has realized there is a world outside the bedroom.  He wants to explore it.  We’re putting the baby gate up at the end of the hallway, because he keeps darting between our feet when we open the bedroom door.  He hasn’t made it past the bathroom yet, but we really don’t want him (or Eris) going downstairs yet.  My MIL has two adult cats down there, and while they are sweeties, the male cat doesn’t know his own strength and he loves to play kinda rough.  A 17 pound cat does not need to be wrestling with a 2 pound kitten.

Loki has taken up peeing on the Valkyrie.  It’s happened three times so far, and it’s only on her — not the floor or anything.  I’ve made a vet appointment for both kids, to get a check up and talk about the peeing thing, and see about kitten flea medication.  It’s tomorrow afternoon.  I’ll post the results.

When I walk into the bedroom, Loki pats me on the foot and looks up at me, which means “Hey, human!  Pick me up!  I want cuddles!”  I do, of course.  And then Eris wants a turn.  And while I’m holding her Loki starts tapping my foot again because he thinks he should get allllll the love.  I need more arms.

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