Todays’s kitten update

Last night I read about a video game for cats: Paint for Cats on the iPad.  A mouse runs on and off the screen.  When the mouse is touched it makes a squeak.  Whenever the screen is touched it makes a color, thus the “paint” part of the name.  Some people said their cats loved it, and it was only $1.99, so I thought I’d see if the kittens could enjoy it.  Oh boy did they.

They played for over half an hour.  Loki had come up on the bed to see me, and I started the game for him and began recording the above video.  It has bad lighting, I know — sorry — but Eris heard the squeaky noises of the game’s mouse and came over too.  She was very hesitant about it, mostly watching Loki play.  He ran off long enough to get a drink, and while he was gone she held her paw about an inch over the screen and just watched the mouse.  He came back and started playing again.  Over the next half hour they would alternate between actively playing, and sitting still watching the mouse like it was Cat TV.  I didn’t realize kittens could be entertained by a single thing for so long!  I’ll definitely fire the game back up for them next time they start batting at my iPad.  (It is The Mouse Game Machine now.  They know this.)

They’ve both been super cute and cuddly.  Before dinner I walked in the bedroom, and the Valkyrie was napping.  the kids were also napping — Loki on her shoulder, and Eris in the crook of her arm.  When I walked in Eris wanted me to pick her up.  So I did, and held her cuddled against my chest.  she got comfortable and I stroked her back for a while.  Loki got crazy jealous.  When he started trying to climb my leg to get into my arms too, I set Eris on the bed so it could be his turn.  I held him an equal amount of time then set him down next to his sister.  Neither one of them had wanted to get out of my arms, but I had to go eat dinner.  they’re so sweet!

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