New Trindle

I got a handspindle in the mail today called a Trindle.  It’s an odd sort of top whorl spindle; it’s a lightweight shaft with a neoprene ball near the hook.  The ball has holes in it, and you buy sets of three weights that you stick into the ball to create a whorl.  these weights are all sorts of things, from disco balls to skulls to ceramic beads.  I got a carbon fiber shaft with two sets of arms: a medium weight set of hematite cubes, and a medium-heavy set of copper balls.

I’ve been spinning with the copper balls on.  The whole spindle weighs about 19g with those balls, which is 0.67 of an ounce.  Very, very light, and extremely fast.  It’s a joy to spin with.

I’ve gotten almost a full ounce of laceweight singles on it.  It spins well enough that it can accommodate the extra weight without slowing too much.  I’m going to have finished the 1oz mini batt I’m spinning by the end of the evening, and that’s very impressive for me.

I love this sucker.  Here’s a couple of action shots, taken by my friend Matt:

I want a set of those disco ball weights now.  Boogie!

ETA a pic of the very full Trindle, singles #1 completed.

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