Adorable kitten story

I was laying in bed on my right side, left arm draped across my giant teddy bear (DON’T YOU JUDGE ME) under the covers and right arm bent next to my head.  I was dozing, and I was woken by this soft tickle on my face.  I opened my eyes, and Loki had his face right in front of mine.  I said hello, and he stuck his nose under the covers.  I lifted them up and he crawled in and flopped over on his back on the side of my chest where it was wedged against the teddy bear.  I gently put the covers back down so just his head stuck out.  He made air biscuits for a bit and then flipped over onto his belly, purring all the while.

Meanwhile Eris had come up and sat in the crook of my right arm.  Both their sweet little faces watched me very seriously as I talked softly to them and told them how pretty they are and how much I love them.  They both purred loudly.  Then Eris reached out and gently batted at my eye — because blinking equals eyelashes moving, which got her attention.  I told her no, and she settled down on my arm.

We laid like that for a few minutes, and then somebody used a weed whacker outside and Loki hopped out from under the covers and got up on my shoulder.  Eris batted at his tail, and off they went in play mode.

Goddamn I love these kittens.

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