Busy couple of days

Taking a break from finishing a paper for school that’s due tomorrow.  I’m going to finish it tonight.  Then I can relax for a couple of days: finish weaving my rainbow scarf, play with the kittens lots, and hang out with my BFF and her house guest who is awesome.

Kitten update: they are so sweet, and so cute, and so loving.  They like to lay on the Valkyrie, especially, and wrestle on her.  Every time I stand up in the bedroom Loki (yes Boycat has a name now) hugs my feet and tries to groom them.  I’ve given up on walking fast in there.  :D  Girlcat (who doesn’t have a name yet) comes up and nuzzles my feet when I stand still.  Loki loves bellyrubs and being held.  Girlcat likes snuggling against us, and is very chatty.

We are very happy cat parents.

Exercise: Yesterday I did a 1.28 mile walk, and gave myself today off from working out.  Between homework and sore muscles, I thought this the prudent thing to do.  Tomorrow I’ll do another bodyweight workout.

Therapy today: figured out that my reluctance to get homework done and finish my degree is related to the fact that I’ve realized I’ll probably never have a normal career because of my mental illness.  It’s depressing.  It’s furthered by the fact that I can’t go to grad school this fall because of said illness.  Made me want to give up.  I’m going to get this damn paper done, though.  As long as I pass, even with C’s, I’ll be happy.  Wish me luck.

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