Kittens: settling in

We got almost no sleep last night because of playing and/or hungry kittens.  Totally expected, and it’s sweet to wake up to little mews or kitties bouncing on me.  They stopped sleeping in the carrier and started sleeping on the Valkyrie some and under the bed some.  Then they’d wake up for food or play, then sleep more.  Typical kitten behavior.  they seem pretty damn happy, which is awesome.

Just now I went into the bedroom to get clothes.  They were chasing each other on the bed and I startled them.  Girlcat meeped and jumped down to get under the bed.  Boycat got the deer-in-headlights look.  I went across the room to where my clothes were, and he followed me, bouncing across the bed towards me.  I sat on the edge of the bed and petted him, trying different things like rubbing his ears (which he loved) and light scritches and stuff.  He purred like crazy, which was awesome and amazing.  He even pinned my hand down and groomed me a little.  Then his sister came out from the bed to wind around my feet.  I reached down to pet her and she started purring, so I picked her up and cuddled her to my chest while I petted her.  She purred as loud as her brother for a few minutes, then got wiggly and hopped up on my shoulder like a parrot.  A minute later she was zooming off to chase her brother. They ran for the mini-kitchen and I opened a can of food for them.  When I left the room they were stuffing their sweet little faces.

They are so goddamn cute.  I’m so glad we got siblings, because it means they’ve got each other and that makes them more accepting of the changes in their lives.  They’re tiny, shining bright spots in the depression I’ve been going through.  I was nervous about getting them, but I’m so glad we did.  Now they just need names!

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