I have kittens!  Got them at noon today. Baby black Hemingways, a boy and a girl.

They spent the afternoon alternating between sleeping in the carrier (which we placed, open, on the bed, with blankets around it; it’s their safe spot/cave right now) and exploring the bedroom and the attached mini-kitchen where their food and litter box are.  (It’s not really a kitchen, just an odd little tiled room with a small table, microwave, and mini-fridge.)

We’re keeping them in there for a couple of days before letting them into the rest of the upstairs, and they’re going to stay upstairs until they’re old enough to jump the baby gate (probably 3 weeks, at least).  A few minutes ago they ate and used the litter box for the first time.  I only had to show them where the box was once.  Good babies!

As I said, their Hemingways.  Which means they have extra toes.  Boycat has thumbs.  Literally.

He also makes a silly face when I try to photograph his thumbs.

He’s very adventurous and playful.  She’s a bit timid.  They’re both very sweet and fairly mellow (relatively, anyway — they are kittens).  We don’t have names for them yet.  Watch the blog for names and more pics over the next few… uh… decades…. :D


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