Exercise log

Bodyweight routine.  I got up at 5am for unrelated reasons and figured I’d work out.  Why not?


jump rope for 30 seconds — Still don’t have jump rope, so pretended.  Note to self: put on bra before workout.
20 jumping jacks — Got bra for this. Felt good.
10 squats — trying to work on my form.  So: oof.
5 lunges — Replaced these with walking up the stairs to get bra.
5 wall push ups — fine.


20 body weight squats — trying to go deeper (that’s what he said) so it took longer to do them. Also? HARD.
10 push ups — a relief after the squats.
20 walking lunges — walked up the stairs a couple more times.  Best I could do.
10 dumbbell rows (using a gallon milk jug) — Diet A&W 12-pack again.
15 second plank — Fine.
30 Jumping Jacks — Workout queasiness, ahoy!

Stretched after.

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