Steam Powered Giraffe squee

I am a very dorky fan…person..?  (Why is there not a gender neutral term for fanboy/girl?)

Recently, the Valkyrie got into awesome robot band Steam Powered Giraffe through one of her girlfriends.  One of SPG’s members, Bunny Bennett, recently came out as transgender.  She’s awesome.  She and her twin brother David started the band, which is them and a college friend.  The Valkyrie got me into them as well, and we’re quite excited to see them play in Orlando this August.

Bunny’s public coming-out was recent, so the band still hasn’t finished editing everything on their web site and everywhere else.  Last night I got on Twitter for the first time in a while to check out something the Valkyrie posted, and I noticed she was following the band.  So I did too, and noticed that David Bennett still had his Twitter profile as running the band with his twin brother.  About two hours ago I tweeted about it (telling him that he rocks, too; wasn’t trying to be critical), and since then he changed it.

My inner fanperson is doing a little happy dance and squeeing right now.  Okay, all of me is squeeing.  Let’s be honest here.  I am a dweeb, but a happy dweeb!

And if you haven’t heard the band: this is not my favorite video of theirs, although covering Daft Punk was a cool idea, but it was the first one after Bunny started wearing a more feminine costume.  It’s cute, too.

And an older video of a great song:

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