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Loki, escape artist extraordinaire

Loki has realized there is a world outside the bedroom.  He wants to explore it.  We’re putting the baby gate up at the end of the hallway, because he keeps darting between our feet when we open the bedroom door.  He hasn’t made it past the bathroom yet, but we really don’t want him (or Eris) going downstairs yet.  My MIL has two adult cats down there, and while they are sweeties, the male cat doesn’t know his own strength and he loves to play kinda rough.  A 17 pound cat does not need to be wrestling with a 2 pound kitten.

Loki has taken up peeing on the Valkyrie.  It’s happened three times so far, and it’s only on her — not the floor or anything.  I’ve made a vet appointment for both kids, to get a check up and talk about the peeing thing, and see about kitten flea medication.  It’s tomorrow afternoon.  I’ll post the results.

When I walk into the bedroom, Loki pats me on the foot and looks up at me, which means “Hey, human!  Pick me up!  I want cuddles!”  I do, of course.  And then Eris wants a turn.  And while I’m holding her Loki starts tapping my foot again because he thinks he should get allllll the love.  I need more arms.

What to weave next?

My Pride scarf is done.

I am not a great weaver, but I’m not too bad for a beginner.  This was only my third project.  (Well, okay, second project.  the first piece I did was really just a test piece to try out the loom.)  It’s not washed yet, and it should look nicer after it’s had a bath.  It’s wool, and it should fill out a little to get rid of the gaps.

I have plans for a set of tablecloths for my mother-in-law, made with commercial yarn.  but I’m really itching to try my handspun on a loom.  As the weft first, mind you; the warp has to be much stronger and smoother, and I’m not sure my handspun is ready for that yet.  Like this scarf I just made: it’s commercial yarn, but the warp is a strong tightly plied black yarn and the weft is a softly spun rainbow singles.  the rainbow yarn would have fallen apart if used for the warp.  It just wasn’t strong enough.  so I’m thinking about taking some more of that black yarn for warp and some colorful handspun for weft.  I haven’t the foggiest idea what I should make, though.  I’m open to suggestions.  Otherwise I’ll do another scarf…

Todays’s kitten update

Last night I read about a video game for cats: Paint for Cats on the iPad.  A mouse runs on and off the screen.  When the mouse is touched it makes a squeak.  Whenever the screen is touched it makes a color, thus the “paint” part of the name.  Some people said their cats loved it, and it was only $1.99, so I thought I’d see if the kittens could enjoy it.  Oh boy did they.

They played for over half an hour.  Loki had come up on the bed to see me, and I started the game for him and began recording the above video.  It has bad lighting, I know — sorry — but Eris heard the squeaky noises of the game’s mouse and came over too.  She was very hesitant about it, mostly watching Loki play.  He ran off long enough to get a drink, and while he was gone she held her paw about an inch over the screen and just watched the mouse.  He came back and started playing again.  Over the next half hour they would alternate between actively playing, and sitting still watching the mouse like it was Cat TV.  I didn’t realize kittens could be entertained by a single thing for so long!  I’ll definitely fire the game back up for them next time they start batting at my iPad.  (It is The Mouse Game Machine now.  They know this.)

They’ve both been super cute and cuddly.  Before dinner I walked in the bedroom, and the Valkyrie was napping.  the kids were also napping — Loki on her shoulder, and Eris in the crook of her arm.  When I walked in Eris wanted me to pick her up.  So I did, and held her cuddled against my chest.  she got comfortable and I stroked her back for a while.  Loki got crazy jealous.  When he started trying to climb my leg to get into my arms too, I set Eris on the bed so it could be his turn.  I held him an equal amount of time then set him down next to his sister.  Neither one of them had wanted to get out of my arms, but I had to go eat dinner.  they’re so sweet!

New Trindle

I got a handspindle in the mail today called a Trindle.  It’s an odd sort of top whorl spindle; it’s a lightweight shaft with a neoprene ball near the hook.  The ball has holes in it, and you buy sets of three weights that you stick into the ball to create a whorl.  these weights are all sorts of things, from disco balls to skulls to ceramic beads.  I got a carbon fiber shaft with two sets of arms: a medium weight set of hematite cubes, and a medium-heavy set of copper balls.

I’ve been spinning with the copper balls on.  The whole spindle weighs about 19g with those balls, which is 0.67 of an ounce.  Very, very light, and extremely fast.  It’s a joy to spin with.

I’ve gotten almost a full ounce of laceweight singles on it.  It spins well enough that it can accommodate the extra weight without slowing too much.  I’m going to have finished the 1oz mini batt I’m spinning by the end of the evening, and that’s very impressive for me.

I love this sucker.  Here’s a couple of action shots, taken by my friend Matt:

I want a set of those disco ball weights now.  Boogie!

ETA a pic of the very full Trindle, singles #1 completed.

Another kitten story: yep, they’re trouble.

I forgot to mention that Loki and Eris managed to lock us out of the bedroom around 5am.  Well, not literally lock the door.  Just knock over a framed poster so it wedged the door shut.  I had to lay down on the floor and stick my arm around the edge of the door to pick up the poster so we could get back in the bedroom.  The kittens were both fascinated by my contortions and watched curiously throughout the whole door-opening procedure.  Little devils!

Adorable kitten story

I was laying in bed on my right side, left arm draped across my giant teddy bear (DON’T YOU JUDGE ME) under the covers and right arm bent next to my head.  I was dozing, and I was woken by this soft tickle on my face.  I opened my eyes, and Loki had his face right in front of mine.  I said hello, and he stuck his nose under the covers.  I lifted them up and he crawled in and flopped over on his back on the side of my chest where it was wedged against the teddy bear.  I gently put the covers back down so just his head stuck out.  He made air biscuits for a bit and then flipped over onto his belly, purring all the while.

Meanwhile Eris had come up and sat in the crook of my right arm.  Both their sweet little faces watched me very seriously as I talked softly to them and told them how pretty they are and how much I love them.  They both purred loudly.  Then Eris reached out and gently batted at my eye — because blinking equals eyelashes moving, which got her attention.  I told her no, and she settled down on my arm.

We laid like that for a few minutes, and then somebody used a weed whacker outside and Loki hopped out from under the covers and got up on my shoulder.  Eris batted at his tail, and off they went in play mode.

Goddamn I love these kittens.

Spinning in public: car dealer edition

Yesterday I had to take my mother-in-law’s car to the dealer for an oil change.  While waiting I finished the first singles of my Island Nights BFL.

Being that I live in an area with a lot of retired people and it was a Thursday morning, I was the only person there under age 65.  I get read as either a femme guy or a butch lesbian, either of which is unusual for where I live, and I suppose it just adds to the weirdness of “person spinning in public.”  Most people have never seen someone spin, and if they have it’s been at a historic recreation site. So what I do for a hobby is strange enough by most people’s standards.  Adding in looking queer…

The long and short of it is that I was highly amused and trying to ignore the 9 old people taking turns staring at me while I waited on the car.  A fairly large number of old people like to stare at other people in general.  And seniors complain about young folks being rude!  (Not that I’m that young — I’m nearly forty.  God that’s weird.)

Busy couple of days

Taking a break from finishing a paper for school that’s due tomorrow.  I’m going to finish it tonight.  Then I can relax for a couple of days: finish weaving my rainbow scarf, play with the kittens lots, and hang out with my BFF and her house guest who is awesome.

Kitten update: they are so sweet, and so cute, and so loving.  They like to lay on the Valkyrie, especially, and wrestle on her.  Every time I stand up in the bedroom Loki (yes Boycat has a name now) hugs my feet and tries to groom them.  I’ve given up on walking fast in there.  :D  Girlcat (who doesn’t have a name yet) comes up and nuzzles my feet when I stand still.  Loki loves bellyrubs and being held.  Girlcat likes snuggling against us, and is very chatty.

We are very happy cat parents.

Exercise: Yesterday I did a 1.28 mile walk, and gave myself today off from working out.  Between homework and sore muscles, I thought this the prudent thing to do.  Tomorrow I’ll do another bodyweight workout.

Therapy today: figured out that my reluctance to get homework done and finish my degree is related to the fact that I’ve realized I’ll probably never have a normal career because of my mental illness.  It’s depressing.  It’s furthered by the fact that I can’t go to grad school this fall because of said illness.  Made me want to give up.  I’m going to get this damn paper done, though.  As long as I pass, even with C’s, I’ll be happy.  Wish me luck.

Kittens: settling in

We got almost no sleep last night because of playing and/or hungry kittens.  Totally expected, and it’s sweet to wake up to little mews or kitties bouncing on me.  They stopped sleeping in the carrier and started sleeping on the Valkyrie some and under the bed some.  Then they’d wake up for food or play, then sleep more.  Typical kitten behavior.  they seem pretty damn happy, which is awesome.

Just now I went into the bedroom to get clothes.  They were chasing each other on the bed and I startled them.  Girlcat meeped and jumped down to get under the bed.  Boycat got the deer-in-headlights look.  I went across the room to where my clothes were, and he followed me, bouncing across the bed towards me.  I sat on the edge of the bed and petted him, trying different things like rubbing his ears (which he loved) and light scritches and stuff.  He purred like crazy, which was awesome and amazing.  He even pinned my hand down and groomed me a little.  Then his sister came out from the bed to wind around my feet.  I reached down to pet her and she started purring, so I picked her up and cuddled her to my chest while I petted her.  She purred as loud as her brother for a few minutes, then got wiggly and hopped up on my shoulder like a parrot.  A minute later she was zooming off to chase her brother. They ran for the mini-kitchen and I opened a can of food for them.  When I left the room they were stuffing their sweet little faces.

They are so goddamn cute.  I’m so glad we got siblings, because it means they’ve got each other and that makes them more accepting of the changes in their lives.  They’re tiny, shining bright spots in the depression I’ve been going through.  I was nervous about getting them, but I’m so glad we did.  Now they just need names!